What 360°?

360 degrees of Wellbeing

Building a holistic wellbeing

We all try to create a little more balance in our lives. We strive to reach targeted physical activity level, sleep enough, eat healthy, reserve enough time for our recovery and be there for our friends and family.

The World Health Organization has defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.”. However many people have criticized this definition because it is impossible to reach this kind of state.

Even though imperfection is human and we shouldn’t aim at perfect we can still encourage each others to make wise decisions and try to learn to know our own boundaries. 360 degrees of wellbeing helps us comprehensively understand the factors behind our own health and performance – whether we are top athletes or elderly people. You can imagine that life is a multiplication in which the result is in normal level when each individual factor is in normal level. If any of these factors remain below the normal level, also the sum of the multiplication will remain below the normal level. 1 x 1 x 0,80 = 80%

Make your own luck – and make a small but lasting lifestyle change!

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