Leader 360 – wellbeing is the capital of growth

Leader 360 -program offers wellbeing tools for steering growth

Leader 360 is a peer network of leaders where each leader’s own wellbeing and ways of managing the work organization are enriched through the expertise of four top experts. The program will be piloted in 2022 with ten leaders.

The program provides tools for leaders to manage and gain a deeper understanding of their wellbeing and performance through collective data from the peer group and learn from each others experiences. The goal of the program is to find answers to questions such as; how do i lead myself and my team to impressive results? How does wellbeing improve efficiency? What is my role as a leader? Is there a formula for sustainable growth? The program aims to create the best managed organizations in Finland.

4 main themes of the program are:

  • The leader’s own core and self-knowledge
  • Self-management and recovery
  • Internal motivation and drive
  • Company performance and sustainable growth

The program is part of the Jyväskylä exercise, health promotion and wellbeing ecosystem. Jyväskylä is a city of human growth that is involved in creating the Nordic HHub ecosystem. HHub focuses on the wellbeing and health of people and communities with the help of the best experts and companies working in the field and promotes exercise as a lifestyle. The goal is to generate new innovations, growth business and create positive effects on people’s wellbeing.

The program will run under the auspices of HHub/Business Jyväskylä, Firstbeat Technologies Oy and SRD Oy/KIHU.

Interested in leading wellbeing? Get more information about the program from Nina Rautiainen nina.rautiainen@jyvaskyla.fi.

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