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The pioneering mental coaching expert ONIT Sport Oy and the highest series level of football LALIGA have launched partnership to support young athletes as well as their coaches and parents in the effort to achieve better mental wellbeing in sports. The theme of the partnership is “Mind the future”, which will be voiced in social media as the joint campaign is initiated on November 8th. During the campaign, ONIT Sport and LALIGA will share posts, influencer videos and information on how to enhance mental wellbeing in action. 

LALIGA´s purpose in endorsing the campaign is to promote a sports culture that enhances wellbeing -now and in the future.  ONIT Sport and the company´s SKILLS application have been built with the focus of producing sustainable improvements in mental wellbeing in sports. The unique and research-based concept delivers high- quality mental coaching for athletes of all ages and levels. Wellbeing data can be used by coaches, sport clubs, federations and committees to develop supportive and wellbeing enhancing sports culture. 

“The importance of mental wellbeing and health is very important in the development of a child and a youth. LALIGA, as a socially responsible organization, is glad to collaborate in Finland in such an important topic, as we want to be involved in projects that are socially impactful both for athletes and fans” says Juan Fernandez, LALIGA Delegate to the Nordic countries.

To effectively develop the mental skills of children and adolescents, it is important to also engage their coaches and parents. 

“Mental skills develop best when naturally active adults around the child support and help the child develop diverse skills in everyday life. Parents and coaches can easily support children’s hobbies and mental development by being aware and present. It is important to understand that supporting mental wellbeing is much more effective than repairing problems that have already developed. It is time that we start to emphasize wellbeing of the future now, not tomorrow” says Laura Andelin, founder of ONIT Sport, licensed psychotherapist, athletes mental coach.

Additional information:

ONIT Sport Oy
Laura Andelin
+358 40 580 0080


Juan Fernandez
+34 912 055 000


is a mobile application that delivers effective and research-based mental coaching for athletes. The application is targeted to children and youths between the ages of 8 and 17 years. SKILLS is trusted and used by wide community of young athletes, coaches and parents. The application has been awarded with the Design from Finland certification which indicates the origin of Finnish design and emphasises the importance of sustainability. SKILLS is available for use in Finland from November 8th, 2023 and in Europe in the beginning of 2024.


LALIGA is the largest football ecosystem in the world. It is a private sports association composed of the 20 public limited sports companies (SADs) and clubs of LALIGA EA SPORTS and the 22 of LALIGA HYPERMOTION, and is responsible for organising professional football competitions in Spain. LALIGA has over 200 million followers globally across social networks, on 16 platforms and in 20 different languages. With its headquarters in Madrid (Spain) it has the most extensive international network of any sports property and is present in 41 countries through 11 offices and 44 delegates. The organization carries out its social work through its FOUNDATION and was the world’s first professional football league to establish a league for intellectually challenged footballers: LALIGA Genuine.