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The aim of the partnership programme between Biscay and Jyväskylä is to strengthen the innovation ecosystems within the regions. From September 26th to 28th the Biscay delegation will meet the Jyväskylä innovation ecosystem key stakeholders. 

  • 26th of September, Ecosystem Day
  • 27th of September, Pitching Day @Crazy Town Jyväskylä, open event and networking afterwork with pizza. Register here!
  • 28th of September, Tour of Science and Excellence 

Join us for a Pitching Event!

Startups and companies from Biscay and Jyväskylä will be presented to the ecosystems during the Pitching event on Wednesday. 

- We invite investors and ecosystem players to the event to get to know Biscay start-ups and ecosystem. Six innovative startups from the Biscay region will pitch their business ideas, while networking with the rest of the growth ecosystem. So the networks of the Biscay region will be accessible to all on Wednesday, welcomes Nina Rautiainen

There will be six startups from Biscay on the stage:

 In addition, three companies from Jyväskylä present their business ideas to Biscay delegation, which are: 

  • BiopSense develops solutions and services for liquid biopsy monitoring of cancer. https://biopsense.eu/
  • Mental Race is a philosophy and method for performance psychology coaching based on science and 15-years of coaching experience ranging from Formula-1 drivers to CEO´s. https://www.mentalrace.fi/
  • Wellpro Impact Solutions specializes in screening the risk factors of brain and memory health as well as promoting mental wellbeing and healthy aging. https://wellpro.fi/en/home/ 

Check the programme and register by the 20th of September.

About the Innovation Bridge programme:

The objective of the Innovation Bridge Programme is to connect companies, create possibilities for learning and sharing knowledge, and generate paths to entering different networks and markets between the ecosystems. During the programme about 10 Finnish companies will travel to Biscay in return.

The programme fosters exchanges of business innovation initiatives via open-innovation challenges, delegations, and investments.

More information: 
Nina Rautiainen,
Program Manager, City of Jyväskylä

Innovation Bridge is part of the Jyväskylä exercise, health promotion and wellbeing ecosystem. Jyväskylä is a city of human growth that is involved in creating the Nordic HHub ecosystem. Ecosystem work is funded by the Regional Council of Central Finland. 
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