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The goals and operational level of the HHub ecosystem are guided through five boards: Board of Brand, Board of Data, Board of Growth, Board of Core and the “top level” Hippos2020 Board. Each board is formed of a carefully selected team of 5–10 experts.

Though all boards have their unique mission, the goal is mutual: to advance HHub’s core goal to comprehensively support and optimize the wellbeing and performance of people and organizations.

For the board members, working together provides an opportunity to share their own knowledge, learn from others and generate new thinking and insights to advance a common goal. In the long run, the collaboration also provides business opportunities for members’ own work and business.

Woolman’s CEO Juha Harju and Firstbeat’s Deputy CEO Juho Tuppurainen share their thoughts and expectations about HHub Board work.

Juha Harju, Head of Growth Board: “Conversing freely with like-minded people generates positive energy”

The top theme of the Growth Board is to identify and build the conditions for growth in the welfare business. Growth drivers include global health security, intelligent wellness solutions and innovations built on collected data. Board members also seek to further the international visibility of the phenomenon as well as the connections between growth companies and investors.

“For the ecosystem’s work to be successful, it’s essential that no one is primarily promoting their own agenda but that the atmosphere is conversational and forward-looking. Everyone brings their own two cents to the table, from which someone else might pick up something of interest to themselves. Of course, we also have certain topics and a frame of reference for where meetings take place.”

“For knowledge workers, most appointments follow a certain agenda, issues are discussed and decisions are made.

Equally, there is a need for meetings where people from different fields of expertise – but with similar minds – are allowed to talk freely and generate positive energy. This energy and shared enthusiasm can result in something new and unexpected – something that would have not been otherwise achieved.”

“Participation in ecosystem work is voluntary. Volunteering is the most committed activity in the world, because in doing so, people give their most valuable asset in today’s world – their time. Although we do not yet know exactly what will result from this, we do want to be involved. Best case scenario, everyone has the motivation to find common themes and set goals that take us forward both in achieving a common vision and in our own everyday operating environment.”

Juho Tuppurainen, Head of Core Board: ”Our goal: genuine action instead of empty words”

The top theme of the Core Board is individual performance and overall wellbeing. The board members’ expertise covers methods of learning, growing, coaching and leading, as well as research-based best practices for promoting wellbeing. From the ecosystem point of view, the desire to share validated models with the world and to innovate new ones is a main task of the Board of Core.

“Each HHub board team includes carefully selected individuals with the right background and skills. People from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives are able to work together to take things forward at the desired level, both together and independently while utilizing their social networks. A good team has the ability to build a new vision of their own theme and are able to recognize what the real, global competitive factors are in the industry. We strive for genuine action instead of empty words.”

“Although we all in the ecosystem are working towards a common goal, there’s always a business perspective to this type of collaboration. Networking with experts and finding common ground also serves commercial interests. We all make our own contribution to the collaboration, and in the long run, the collaboration gives us new opportunities for our own business.”