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  • What is the Hippos2020 project?

    Hippos is a sports and wellness center project that will be constructed in 2020-2025 in the Hippos area of Jyväskylä, Finland. The Project will include a multibuilding complex, including a sports center, an arena center, a multipurpose arena and a practice ice rink with a parking garage. The Project is double the size of the current old sports facilities in the area.

    Hippos brings also individuals, researchers, trainers, entrepreneurs, product developers, investors, coaches, sports clubs and associations together to create best understanding about moving lifestyle as a part of wellbeing. Our mutual vision is to build the flagship of smart wellbeing and performance.

  • How large the new Hippos2020 will be?

    The area includes the whole current area of Hippos and will double the size of the current old sports facilities in the area. According to current project plans total gross area will be 134 000 brm2 including a sports center, an arena center, a multipurpose arena and three practice ice rinks with a parking garage.

    The multipurpose arena can host major events of up to 6,500 people and the area will have an estimated over 5 million visits per year. The complex will have a total of nearly 900 covered parking spaces and 117 parking spaces located outside.

  • What new elements will Hippos have?

    The area’s sports facilities will double in size compared to the existing ones. The facilities will be constructed using the latest technology. The facilities will be made modifiable in order to maximize their utilization rates. In addition, a strong Big Data -technology will be built in the area, which enables collection, processing and analyzing of data related to sports, exercise and wellbeing. This data will benefit the users, researchers and product developers.

    All the existing buildings and facilities in Hippos area, except for Viveca, will be demolished. Lähi-Tapiola arena will be replaced with an indoor sports center which will function as a venue for over 20 different sport. This new sports and event center holds approximately 7.000 spectators and it will function as a sports, congress, meeting, and event venue, as well as an arena for concerts and other entertaining events. During concerts, the capacity can be as high as 8,000–9,000 spectators.

  • Who are behind the Hippos2020 project?

    The City of Jyväskylä is a strong operator in the Hippos2020 project as the project initiator and municipal developer. Hippos2020 will support Jyväskylä’s status as the leading research city in exercise, sports and wellbeing. Building partner of the project is Lehto Group Oy.

  • Who will pay for the construction of Hippos2020?

    Close to 90% of the approximately 200 million euros investment will come from private investors. The city’s portion of the total amount will be approximately €28 million. The majority of this money would anyhow go to repairing the existing facilities at Hippos in the near future. The city’s responsibilities will also include the construction of the area’s infrastructure as well as the sports field. This is a new type of hybrid model of private and public funding. Timo Koivisto, the Mayor of Jyväskylä, has summarised this from the city’s perspective by saying that “the project requires an equal amount of tax funds that would be needed to renovate the existing facilities, but instead the facilities will double in size.”

  • What is the project’s timetable?

    The goal of the City of Jyväskylä and Lehto is to start the construction of Hippos during the fall of 2020 as soon as the financing and the political decisions are made., However the current situation regarding the global COVID-19 -pandemic might have an effect to the financing negotiations and that way to the construction schedule. We will inform the developments of the project in this website.

    The Project is divided into three different phases, The first two phases include the practice ice rink, the multipurpose arena, the arena, centre and the sports centre and the third phase includes the football center.

  • How will the Hippos2020 project benefit Jyväskylä?

    The biggest benefit will come from a private investment into sports and wellbeing in Jyväskylä, worth over €200 million. The construction of Hippos2020 will create approximately €14 million of tax revenue for Jyväskylä and €22 million for the whole country. The project will create 2,000 person-years. The finished Hippos2020 will provide jobs for 1000 workers daily. In addition, Sports and Wellbeing Know-How Center is looking to create a strong center of businesses specializing in sports, wellbeing and health promotion. Hippos2020 is also an important project for Jyväskylä industrial-policy-wise. With the new Hippos2020, Jyväskylä could have a big role in attracting the industry’s businesses. In sports, exercise and wellbeing, Hippos2020 will make Jyväskylä a top-level sports city within the Nordic countries. The project will also strengthen the operational conditions of JYU’s Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences in Jyväskylä. Hippos2020 will support Jyväskylä’s status as the leading research city in exercise, sports and wellbeing.

  • Is Hippos2020 only meant for elite athletes?

    Elite sports will continue to play an important role at Hippos, because Hippos2020 will combine the spectacular conditions and strong expertise with the daily requirements of elite sports. However, in addition to athletes, Hippos2020 is designed for all exercisers, event spectators and people who are interested in their own wellbeing and fitness throughout the human lifecycle. Activities will be available for everyone, from infants to senior citizens. The goal of Hippos2020 is to have five million annual visits. Local people interested in exercising and events will continue to form the largest user group.

  • How will the inhabitants of Jyväskylä benefit from the project?

    The city’s inhabitants will gain access to the spectacular facilities that are triple the size of the original, as well as the diverse services at the new sports and wellbeing center. The sports clubs and exercise hobby associations will have better opportunities to operate, which will benefit all of the city’s inhabitants. Hippos will also become a new, vibrant area for services and housing. In addition, Jyväskylä’s status as a sports, travel and event location will strengthen. The objective must be that the people of Jyväskylä can take their guests to Hippos and spend a few hours of quality time in the area’s facilities, enjoying its services. Hippos must be a place worth seeing and experiencing.

  • Why was Hippos chosen as the location?

    Hippos is Jyväskylä’s center of sports and exercise activities: Hippos is already being used by over 100 sports clubs offering more than 20 sports, and the number of annual visits is 1.6 million. In addition, the University of Jyväskylä (JYU), the Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU) and the Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (LIKES), among others, are already operating at Hippos. This means that the key elements are in place and no new innovations will need to be forced. In the future, the operation will grow exponentially in all sectors and many new operators will also join in. One of the main attraction factors in the area is the urban location of Hippos. This sets Hippos apart from the majority of sports and exercise centers. A new hospital Nova is also located near Hippos, and the collaboration between Kukkula and Hippos2020 in rehabilitation, preventive exercise and promotion of wellbeing is natural and flexible, thanks to their physical proximity

  • Will the Hippos construction work harm its environment?

    Hippos is a large area, and therefore the construction work will mostly affect the area’s internal activities. It is clear that for many years Hippos will simultaneously be a construction site and an active exercise and sports event venue. The construction work will be divided into phases in order to minimise the harm to the daily operation. However, patience is required from all, because over the years there will be temporary changes and diversions at the operation environment. Ultimately that patience will be rewarded, though: Hippos2020 will update and triple the size of the facilities, and the area will become a modern, attractive sports and wellbeing centre and living neighbourhood. The construction will possibly be most visible to the environment with the eventual alterations to Rautpohjankatu.

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