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Our active business ecosystem is open for all growth ventures regardless of their location. In the ecosystem we boost the growth of companies’ businesses and the creation of new innovations.

Is your company operating in wellbeing, health or sport industries? Do you have a desire to develop and grow your business in Finland and abroad? Join our business network.

Let’s create sustainable growth together!

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Financing – Events and contacts – Growth mentoring –
Research cooperation – Value from data – Modern and active working environment

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Leader 360 Program

Leader 360 is a peer network of leaders where each leader’s own wellbeing and ways of managing the work organization are enriched through the expertise of four top experts. The program will be piloted in 2022 with ten leaders. The program provides tools for leaders to manage and gain a deeper understanding of their wellbeing and performance through collective data from the peer group and learn from each others experiences.

  • Wellbeing
  • Performance
  • Leadership

Seed Village Accelerator Program 2021

Seed Village Growth Accelerator Program 2021 is designed for companies creating health solutions.

Is your team focusing on creating success with commercialization of novel innovation? The program is providing R&D partners for product development and coaching of how to get funded while creating impact on wellbeing.

Read more or apply to the program!

  • Seed Village
  • Accelerator Program
  • R&D

International Venture Academy 2022

This year International Venture Academy connects first-class entrepreneurs and investors from Finland, Catalonia (Spain) and Sophia Antipolis (France).

It helps growth ventures improve their investor pitches, bring their businesses to a state of “investment ready” and plan their market-entry to Europe.

  • Financing
  • Growth mentoring
  • Events and contacts

Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open is the largest growth coaching program for SMEs in Finland. Each year Kasvu Open gathers the most innovative and growth hungry startups and start again companies to help develop and grow their businesses – free of charge.

We also want to support Finnish SME’s development and growth and that’s why we have a partnership with Kasvu Open. Through our partnership we are involved with Kasvu Open’s Responsible Growth and Future of Health and Wellbeing -programs

  • Growth mentoring
  • Events and contacts

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