A unique new urban center for sport and wellbeing

New urban sport and event center Hippos, located in Jyväskylä – Finland’s capital of sport, will offer top facilities for more than 20 different sports and will attract approximately 5 million visits per annum.

Hippos area will include Multipurpose Arena, Arena Center, Sport Center, Practice Ice Rink and Football Center. In addition to versatile sport facilities Hippos development will feature diverse commercial properties, including offices and laboratory facilities, shops, restaurants and daycare center.

Flagship of Smart wellbeing and performance

We combine top facilities, smart data and the latest know-how to create optimal environment for growth.

Together with our network’s individuals, researchers, product
developers, coaches, trainers, sports clubs, national sporting associations, businesses and investors, we gather and share the best know-how about the sporty lifestyle as part of holistic wellbeing.

New business premises from Hippos?

Hippos offers modern premises and active working environment for all the companies, education and research institutions as well as associations.

Interested? Contact:
Kari Halinen / Project Manager / kari.halinen@jyvaskyla.fi

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